Should Older Women Wear Long Hairstyles To a Wedding?

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Longer HairIf you are a soon-to-be mother of the bride or groom (or the grandmother), it can be a struggle trying to find the perfect hairstyle to wear to the wedding.  If you have long hair in particular, there are hundreds of wedding hairstyles available.  You also must consider the time and maintenance involved with longer hairstyles.

There is no strict definition of exactly what length long hair is. The parameters tend to vary with the fashion trends of the time, but a broad definition is hair that hangs roughly three inches or more below the shoulder.


Long hairstyles can add a touch of extra pizzazz to your overall look because long hair is conducive to elegant wedding updos and generally offers more styling flexibility than short hair.  Perhaps this is why long hair has been a fashion staple for women for a very long time – it has epitomized women for generations.  The style is always in vogue irrespective of the current trends.  Additionally, long hairstyles are unique in that they can suit almost every face length and shape.

Of course, with the good comes the bad, and the primary downside of long hair is generally the challenge of maintenance. Long hair needs a lot of upkeep, and the slightest neglect will see those split ends taking control. The other hitch with especially long tresses is that they simply cannot be worn after a certain age. Simply put, long hairstyles do not become old women, and the fact of the matter is that hair cut short generally makes the wearer look quite a bit younger.


So all of this begs the question of what to wear to a wedding – should you wear a long wedding hairstyle to your son’s or daughter’s wedding?  Well, I hate to say it, but it really depends on how “weathered” your appearance is.  If you are relatively young and still have what it takes to look sexy, then a long hairstyle will fit the bill.  If on the other hand you look old – for example, if you have lots of wrinkles, droopy eyes, or leathered skin – opt for a short hairstyle because this will make you look younger, and by default, more beautiful.

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