Wedding Hairstyles: How to Pull off Straight Bangs

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wedding hairstyles

Whether you are the mother of the bride or simply a guest of the reception, the quality of your wedding hairstyles can truly make or break your look.  While we may admire pin straight, blunt cut bangs on stars like Jada Pinkett Smith, her look is generally too severe to wear to a wedding. If you would like to attempt a similar look though, expert hairstylists suggest some tips to follow to customize the look for yourself.

To start with, don’t get your bangs cut too thick. Since the hair is thickest along the center of the hairline and thinner on the sides, ensure that the thickness of your bangs is distributed evenly throughout. In regards to length, bangs should fall at a mid-point between your brows and eyelashes, so regular trims are an absolute must. This style is best suited for thick and straight hair.  If your hair is wavy or thin, you would do well to try out heavier or more tapered bangs depending on the texture of your hair. Remember, it is always best to suit the style to your face shape and hair type rather than the other way around.

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