Checking Runway Trends for Wedding Hair Inspiration

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Wedding Hair Inspiration?Whether you’re the bride, the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, or even a grandmother or close family member, any bridal ceremony pretty much requires a lot of thought, expense and aggravation in terms of finding the best wedding hair styles, makeup, accessories, and outfit to make you look as beautiful as possible.  Luckily, it is often possible to find wedding hair inspiration by monitoring what the celebrities are wearing.  And one of the best events of the year to do this is the Academy Awards Ceremony.

The 2012 Oscars presented the perfect occasion for A-list celebrities to pull out all the stops in the fashion department, including dressing to the hilt.  As usual, the divas were out in their designer gowns, walking the red carpet, allowing the masses to crowd around them and take note of the minutest details of their hair and dress.

Many celebrities take their inspiration from fashion runway trends, and this year was no different.  I recently read an article from Allure Magazine (link below) that discussed the impact of fashion runway trends on how celebrities dress at big events like this year’s Academy Awards Ceremony.  The article was actually written before the Oscars, and its goal was to predict the hottest hairstyles and fashion trends that would be seen at the (then) upcoming Oscars.

Based on current fashion runway trends, Allure predicted that this year’s celebrity hairstyles at the Oscars would be driven by soft, sexy waves. Think Lauren Bacall, with her loose, sculpted waves flowing softly down to her shoulders. This style would be perfect for the long haired bride, and would be a good complement for the more elaborate wedding gowns.

Soft updos are another rage this season, and would be appropriate for wedding guests of all ages. Loose, casual and sexy, they can be an accessory to the more understated dresses, and are an excellent showcase for a slender neck and elegant shoulders.

Ponytails represent another trend that has been spotted on the fashion circuits, but they haven’t run their course yet.  That said, perfect on draped dresses, nothing brings out those cheekbones like a sleek ponytail can.

Based on these fashion runway trends, I would have to say that the bride and any wedding guests with longer hair would be best served wearing a hairstyle featuring soft, bouncy waves.  For short haired women as well as the mother or grandmother of the bride, a soft updo decorated with elegant hair accessories would look fabulous.

So what do you think – did Allure get it right?  Did they give you the wedding hair inspiration you need?

Click if you would like to read the full hair style article from Allure.

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