Mother of the Bride Responsibilities

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Mother of the Bride has Lots of ResponsibilitiesThere’s no doubt about it, a wedding is usually as big an occasion for the mother of the bride as it is for the bride herself.  But you must be aware of the traditional mother of the bride responsibilities in order to be the best mom you possibly can on your daughter’s big day.

Yes, getting ready for your daughter’s wedding is exciting, and in fact your dreams and plans for this important day can often surpass those of your daughter’s. But you always must remember that the day ultimately belongs to your daughter, and thus it is important that you get a firm understanding of your mother of the bride responsibilities and duties so that you know when to step in and when to let the bride and groom handle the details.

According to traditional wedding etiquette, you as the mother of the bride will play a big role in helping to organize the wedding.  Basically, you should act as an aid-de-camp to your daughter in terms of getting the important details sorted out. These details may range from creating and finalizing the guest list to becoming the main contact for all wedding contractors and vendors.  However, keep in mind that as the MOB, you’ll be walking a bit of a fine line.  You must do all you can to relieve your daughter of the mundane wedding planning details without actually taking over the important decisions.

You will also most likely be the primary hostess at the wedding and reception, which might be the most important (and visible) of all the vast mother of the bride responsibilities. After all, you’ll be under the watchful eyes of all those friends and family members!

However, protocol is also clear that for other events like the bridal shower, you can attend the event but never actually host it; it is the prerogative of the bride’s friends and family members to do so.

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