Tips for Mother of the Bride Dresses

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Mother of the Bride DressesThere’s no doubt about it – mother of the bride can be a tricky role to play on the big day. You are of course expected to look elegant and chic, but at no time must your ensemble steal the show from your daughter.

You must remember that it is very definitely her day and your ensemble must very clearly reflect this fact. Same goes for the grandmother of the bride, and any other female friends and family members who will be in attendance.


Accordingly, there are certain colors that are considered inappropriate for the mother of the bride. Whites and creams rank among them, as they are very obviously the prerogative of the bride on this day. You may also want to stay away from black as this color was worn in earlier times to express disapproval of the proceedings at hand. Also it’s usually a good idea to avoid red, as this might be too eye catching a color for someone in the bridal party to sport.


You may feel like your primary choices have been all but eliminated, but this still leaves a wide palette of colors to choose from. Try to suit the length and style of your dress to the tone of the wedding and don’t be afraid to dress it up. A few carefully coordinated wedding accessories can help you add that subtle bit of oomph to your ensemble. Hats like fascinators are also quite in vogue these days, while tasteful pieces of jewelry will lend you a definite sparkle.

For more guidelines on picking out your dress as mother of the bride, continue reading by clicking here.

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