How to Really Help Your Daughter with Her Wedding

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Mother of the Bride Wedding Planning ActivitiesOften, even the most patient of moms can be excused for feeling a bit superfluous while helping her daughter plan her wedding.

With brides and grooms becoming more and more self-assured and poised, and with a plethora of informational websites and professionals dying to help, how can a mother of the bride really contribute to her little girl’s wedding?  Well, the answer is surprisingly simple – by being yourself!

For example, you may have your own circles and connections which can prove invaluable to your daughter in terms of not only finalizing the important wedding details, but also in securing that much needed ‘special discount’.  Additionally, if you have any insight or knowledge regarding the latest trends in food and decoration, your advice on setting the menu and overall ambiance can really help set your daughter’s wedding apart.  And of course, if you’re well-heel’ed, you might even want to help out with some of the related wedding events like the bridal shower or the wedding party, for example.

The bottom line is that mothers are, and always will be, a very important part of their daughter’s wedding planning activities.  Although your precise role may be different from years gone by, it is simply a matter of adapting to the current times.  If you would like to check out an excellent article that delves into this subject with more detail, click here.  Good luck, and above all have fun on your daughter’s big day!

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