Ins and Outs of Themed Weddings

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Themed WeddingsThemed weddings are the flavor of the season with brides and grooms (not to mention the mother of the bride or groom) going the extra mile to make their wedding stand out from the crowd of ordinary events. Themed weddings are actually an incredible idea, because not only are they fun and imaginative, but they can also actually help you sift quickly through the mindboggling array of choices available for every little wedding detail.  Themed weddings can also help you rise above the general mood or ambience that a traditional wedding aspires to, and can help you greatly personalize the ceremony.

A wedding theme can be chosen on any of several grounds. You can set the theme by the season you are getting married in, by your location (a beach wedding or destination wedding for example), or by a closely occurring event such as a Valentine’s Day theme for a February wedding.  If you are looking for a more personal theme, you could try a shared interest or hobby, such as traveling, music or nature. Or you could step it up a notch by picking a theme based on the ancestry of either the bride or the groom – such as holding an Indian style or Greek style wedding while keeping the actual wedding ceremony Christian.

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