Planning a Destination Wedding

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Destination WeddingConsidering that weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasions (hopefully!), everyone wants their wedding to be as unique and elegant as possible. Many couples might consider a destination wedding, but more often than not this idea is discarded because it simply seems too convoluted and too expensive a proposition.

But hold that thought; why should it be? Given enough time and effort regarding your wedding planning activities, a destination wedding could be the ideal blend of ‘exotic’ and ‘intimate’ to make your wedding day truly memorable.

Start by thinking through your options – is it an ancient castle venue that would get you excited, or is it an exotic location like Bali that sets your pulse racing? Make a shortlist, as you will need enough options to work through some important considerations like cost, visas, the season and the overall logistics.

Once you have that figured out, you will need to work through several things simultaneously, such as the availability of the venue, the availability of your wedding guests (especially mother of the bride and groom and the wedding party from each side), and of course your own calendar.

You will also want to figure out early on as to how intimate or open you want to keep the guest list. You will also need to have broad costs like travel, accommodation, etc., available for sharing with your family and friends as it will play a big role in deciding if they will be able to join you.

Destination weddings do involve a lot of moving parts, but as long as you plan ahead and make something akin to a “to do” list, you’ll be just fine. For more detailed information on planning a destination wedding, please read this excellent article here.

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