Small Wedding Details that Make a Difference

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Wedding Details are TrickyGetting married is an incredible time in your life, but the wedding planning activities can be a bit cumbersome.  But, you’ve got all the wedding details figured out, right?  You have decided on the perfect theme for your wedding, the fairytale venue has been booked, an enchantingly beautiful wedding dress has been picked out, and the reception menu is probably going to have the guests talking about it for years to come. You have the perfect wedding planned out and you cannot wait for your guests to share in your big day. But…

The devil, unfortunately, lies in the details. There are hundreds of minor wedding details that most brides (including the mother of the bride or groom) never think about that could eclipse the otherwise fabulous wedding in the minds of the guests. For example, you may want to add to the grandeur of the wedding by having a large and impressive receiving line to greet the guests. However, this probably means a long and tiresome wait for people as they wait for the guests ahead of them to finish greeting every member of the wedding party.

Similarly, you may want to schedule a short break between the wedding and reception to give yourself time to change. However, this might highly inconvenience your out-of-town guests, especially if the reception venue is not open for your guests right away.

Working through small wedding details like these can help you ensure that your wedding guests walk away with nothing but wonderful memories of your wedding. For more “wedding don’ts” from real life situations, click here.

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