Technology and Modern Wedding Etiquette

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Modern Wedding EtiquetteIn the world we live in today, it is hard to grapple with some of the age old wedding traditions and etiquette that we’re expected to follow, mainly due to the incredible amount of technology at our disposal. For example, who can resist the temptation to take some shortcuts using communication technology like email. What do the laws of wedding etiquette have to say about this? Well, according to experts, basically it is ok to use email now and again but don’t entirely do away with your paper wedding invitations and thank you notes just yet.

In other ways, technology can greatly help smooth your wedding planning procedures. An elegant and tasteful wedding website can help keep everyone involved in your wedding preparations and provide a one-stop-repository for wedding details such as the hotel, dates, transportation, and so on, to all distant guests. However, it is key to remember that not all your guests may be online – thus, follow up all online updates with a note or a phone call as appropriate.

With second marriages becoming more common, grappling with divorced or step parents is another potential minefield. An elegant solution to all your problems can be worked out as long as you give things some thought and plan the details beforehand.

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