The Romance of a Winter Wedding

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Romantic Winter WeddingI don’t care if you’re the bride, mother of the bride or even the grandmother, women all over the world are leaving behind their old school perceptions of what a truly great wedding should look like.  While it is traditional to aim for a warm weather wedding, more and more couples are getting adventurous and shooting for a wedding in the winter months. Scary? Yes. Adventurous? Yes. Impossible? Absolutely not!

With the right preparation and attention to detail, you can pull off a spectacular winter wedding. Of course there will need to be some additional care to ensure there are no accidents in the snow or damage because of an unexpected downpour, but otherwise, several elements of winter truly lend themselves to romance and glamour.

The most important thing you can do is to model your wedding theme to incorporate the season. Choose icy tones in blue or silver, and carry these through to your wedding dress and wedding décor. Pearls and crystals make great wedding accessories for any winter theme.  Break traditions on some fronts to truly wow your guests with Plexiglas wedding invitations or a wedding bouquet embellished with crystals.

The trick is not to tip-toe around the season but embrace it so you can truly work with it. Click on the link to read a fabulous article that has many additional ideas for fantastic winter weddings.

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