Wedding Cakes 101

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Wedding Cakes are Long Standing Wedding SymbolsThe wedding cake is one of the most central and celebrated wedding symbols of all. It says so much about the wedding that you will want to get it absolutely right. Not that the cake sampling is a hardship, but you will need to get plenty of other details in place before you are ready to start visiting cake shops.

To begin with, you will need to be ready to order your cake about six months before the wedding. The location and theme of the wedding should be picked out by then and you will need a rough headcount of your wedding guests. These are all important since they will guide you in picking out the cake best suited to your wedding. The location and theme will tell you how formal the design should be, and give you leads on what decorations and styles you can opt for (i.e., a traditional cake versus wedding cupcakes, for example)

When you go shopping for a confectioner, you can ask around for recommendations from friends or from the mother of the bride or groom, or simply stick to your favorite bakery for birthday cakes. An experienced baker will serve you best as they will be able to provide samples of their work and guide you in your choice. Small bits of advice on the best frosting choices for outdoor weddings, or fruits that will keep, can go a long way in making your wedding cake a smashing success. For more details on picking wedding cakes, continue reading here.

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