Wedding Customs and the Mother of the Bride

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Wedding Customs and TraditionWhile every other area of wedding planning may be a potential minefield, one area where the bride is bound to look up to her mother for guidance and support is the wedding ceremony itself and its overall adherence to family wedding customs.

Every family has wedding customs and small practices that are passed down from generation to generation. The engaged couple may surprise themselves by how much they want a traditional ceremony which incorporates all of their families’ rituals.

As mother of the bride, you would do well to brush up on the family’s wedding traditions and common wedding customs like “something old, something new.”  You will possibly also be consulted on seating charts, the order of the toasts during the reception, and smaller details like the throwing of the rice on the departing couple. Remember that not all wedding customs and traditions are created equal – you may mutually choose to follow some, dispense with others, or even start some of your own. Go in prepared so you can help your daughter make the right decisions.

Click for a quick cheat sheet on popularly followed wedding customs.

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