Wedding Dress Tips for the Plus Size Bride

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Plus Size BrideLet’s face it – finding a dress for a plus size bride (or even mother of the bride) can be a real challenge.  Simply put, your typical wedding outfits and dresses are usually designed for thinner brides.

That said, all hope is not lost.  Just follow the advice in this post, be patient, and solicit advice from someone you trust, and sooner or later you will be able to say yes to the dress!

Choosing the Right Materials

First and foremost, you must become knowledgeable about which dress materials are most appropriate for the plus size bride.

Avoid beaded fabrics because these can highlight your less-than-desirable bodily features.  Instead, opt for fabrics that are laced, pleated, creased or ribbed, such as satin or taffeta which is a heavier material.  The reason is that these materials help to deemphasize your less-than-desirable features.

Choosing the Right Style

Second, aside from the fabric you’ll need to consider the overall style of dress.  Avoid purely strapless styles because these types of dresses can make your upper body and arms look wider than they really are.  If you do find a strapless dress that you absolutely love in every other way, you can usually have sleeves affixed to it.  Just make sure the fabric of the sleeves is not too constricting because this could create unsightly bulges or ripples in your arms.  Same goes for straps.  It just doesn’t look good to have these things indented into your arms or back if you’re a plus size bride.

Similarly, try to make sure your sleeves are not overly puffy – especially sleeves that are puffed out at the shoulders and end fitted at the wrists, as these types of sleeves will certainly make your upper torso look bigger than you’d want.  A better choice would be sleeves that feature lace, or even wearing a wedding jacket over a sleeveless dress.

Also, it’s likely you have some curves so why not flaunt them?  A nice sweetheart or V-neck neckline can help draw attention to your cleavage and away from your less-than-desirable features.  Just make sure your neckline doesn’t go too low, as this could make you look more round than you really are.

Finally, the skirt requires some special consideration.  You want a style that helps to elongate your middle section and that also slopes away from the hips, because these attributes will help to accentuate your curvy figure.  Go for an A line or full skirt, preferably one with a dropped waist seam.


The perfect dress for the plus size bride is out there…if you know what to look for.  Simply follow the tips on this page, and take a friend or two with you as you shop, because as they say two heads are better than one.  Good luck!

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