Your Guide to the Wedding Guest List

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Wedding Guest ListOne of the hardest parts of wedding planning is finalizing the ultimate wedding guest list. You may think you have always known exactly who you would want at your wedding, but once you begin committing the names to paper – and everyone including the couple and the mother of the bride and groom has chipped in – you will be surprised at how quickly things can begin getting out of hand!

The guest list is an important detail, as it is a critical input in deciding the wedding and reception venues as well as a factor to take into account when budgeting for the wedding. It will also help you decide whether the wedding will be a small, intimate affair or a big, fancy bash.

Adding or subtracting names from the list can be a real challenge, so help yourself by setting some ground rules to push the process along.

Start by working out what scale of wedding you want. Move on to figuring out who you definitely want there, and who you definitely don’t want there. Finally, check and double check your wedding budget, as this will obviously have a big say in deciding what your final wedding guest list will look like!

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