How to Design Your Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitations are crucialYour wedding is a time when reunions happen.  In today’s busy world, we hardly get time to visit our relatives or extended family, much less our long-lost friends.  Thus, a wedding is the ideal occasion to actually meet and enjoy the company of loved ones that we haven’t seen in awhile.

For this reason, your wedding invitations are a very crucial component of the planning process, primarily because they set the tone and generate the first impression of your big day amongst the invitees.  Thus, the design and content of the invitations should be carefully chosen.  The invitation wording should be very polite and precise, and of course the design itself should be pretty and elegant.  It’s also a usually good idea to include details regarding the wedding theme – if any – so that your guests can dress accordingly.  And the invite should also obviously have the date, time and venue details.  Abbreviations should be avoided.

Aside from the design and content, the other main consideration is who to actually invite.  The wedding guest list should be compiled by the bride and groom’s parents together so that a total number of guests can be calculated.  In a traditional wedding, a large number of relatives, extended family and family friends would be invited.  However, nowadays it is more than acceptable to keep the event as a close family affair.  Once the list is finalized, the next step is to make sure that you have accurate contact information for each invitee.

I hope you found this wedding invitation primer both useful and informative.  If you need more detailed information, including design and content ideas, click here.

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