Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

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Planning a wedding is stressfulWhether you’re the bride or the mother of the bride, it is always a good idea to write down your wedding requirements and make a list or itinerary of all the wedding tasks that need to be coordinated. This includes the wedding itself as well as the wedding reception.

The wedding reception in particular should be carefully planned, keeping the budgets and preferences of both parties in mind. A few things that need a lot of attention are the venue and its decor, catering, invitations, outfits, jewellery (especially the rings), and the photography.

Of course, the venue is of primary importance.  This should be chosen by looking at its proximity to the wedding location as well as its overall capacity.  

From there, the guest list and invitations should be carefully formulated by both parties to avoid confusion.  The catering and food service should consider the tastes and overall expectations of the guests. The wedding outfits, wedding theme and the entire ambience should portray a subtle balance and nothing should stand out or look inappropriate.

Yes, planning a wedding is a ton of work (not to mention stress), and as such it’s tempting to consider hiring a wedding planner.  This decision really boils down to one thing – time.  If there is a time shortage it is always better to hire a professional planner to take care of the details.  Obviously, the hiring decision should not be taken lightly, as some planners are (far) better than others.  So do your homework and get a referral or three.

If you’re looking for a good resource on the ins and outs of planning a wedding, click here.

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