Wedding Dresses 101

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Shopping for wedding dresses can be confusingA wedding is obviously an extremely special day for everyone involved – from the bride and groom to the mother of the bride to the bridal party.  But of course, it is the bride that represents the centerpiece of the entire ceremony. 

The dress, hairstyle, accessories, makeup – everything gets highlighted when you’re the bride.  Thus, it becomes imperative for the bride to take special care when shopping for wedding dresses.  Simply put, the bride’s dress ought to be a real head-turner!

A wide range of dresses is available for the prospective bride. Some specialized boutiques offer precise tailoring as well as ready-made options.  Every year there are new wedding dress trends, with white being the traditional option. However, elegant tans, light blues, light greens and even light pink and yellow colors are becoming more and more popular.  Additionally, dresses such as ball gowns with elaborate lace work and trendy necklines are increasingly in fashion.  Fabrics such as satin and net are always in vogue and look perfect with any color.

Of course your specific dress style should factor in the time of year.  For example, for a winter wedding it would be a good idea to have a full sleeved dress to keep warm and comfortable yet chic.  Conversely, a lighter fabric sleeveless dress would be more appropriate for a summer or beach wedding.

Also, do not forget the veil, which is usually in a net fabric and adds poise to the entire outfit.  Additionally, keep in mind that the bridesmaid dresses should ideally be the same fabric as, and should be complementary to, the bride’s dress.  Just remember never to overdo the style and stay with something elegant, soft and sophisticated.

One of the best ways to narrow down your choices is to look at pictures of wedding dresses.  Grab some wedding magazines, or browse pictures online.  To get you started, here is an excellent wedding dress photo gallery that I’m sure will help.  Good luck!

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