Wedding Favors: Creativity is the Key

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A creative wedding favorWedding favors are a great way of giving that finishing touch to your wedding – something small and personalized to help your guests remember your wedding.  They do not have to be expensive to be memorable; the trick lies in letting your imagination go and making something as small as candy do the work for you.

Wedding favors can be edible, decorative, practical or themed.  You will want to pick something that goes with the theme of your wedding and even something that synergizes with your table décor.

For example, you can label your favors and have them double as place settings. Personalizing them is also a great trick, so feel free to pick out some chocolates and have them initialized, or choose favors reminiscent of the hobbies and interests of the bride and groom.

Favors can come as cheap or expensive you like. Your wedding budget will dictate the price range you can look at but planning ahead – along with a dollop of imagination – will help you set your favors apart from the pack. For more tips on this, click here.

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