Wedding Makeup Tips

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Wedding day makeupFor the bride, a perfect outfit would be incomplete without perfect makeup, jewelry and accessories. A well-fitted outfit adds charm and elegance to the bride’s overall look, but having perfect makeup is really the icing on the proverbial cake.

For most brides, the best results can usually be achieved by going with a professional makeup artist. The reason is that professionally done makeup tends to last longer than DIY makeup. Additionally, a professional makeup artist can give you valuable feedback about what colors and styles are most appropriate for your skin type and overall look.

The first step to stunning makeup is to apply an appropriate foundation and concealer. Foundation and concealer can help hide freckles, dark patches and uneven skin tones. You should also make sure that the products being used match your skin type, and are tried and tested beforehand and not just on the actual wedding day.

Additionally, it is usually a good idea to specifically target one feature of your face to enhance with your makeup – for example, your eyes, cheeks or lips.  To define your eyes, a good eye pencil, a subtle eye shadow and waterproof mascara is a must.  Lip colors can be matched with the rest of your makeup. Highlighters and bronzers can also be utilized to add a shimmer to the entire look.

Also, do not neglect your hands, feet and nails – they should be well groomed with a manicure and pedicure.  Your professional makeup artists can usually help in these areas too.

So, there you have it – a “quick and dirty” primer on wedding day makeup.  If you need more detailed tips and suggestions, check out this fabulous resource right here.  Good luck!

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