How NOT to have a Great Wedding Reception

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Bad DJs suckAll I can say is OMG (that’s “Oh My God” for all you text virgins out there).  I don’t care if you’re mother of the bride or the happy couple themselves; please watch this video as an example of how to basically ruin your wedding reception. 

The video shows an example of what happens when you hire second-rate entertainment for your big day…and good lord, it’s painful to watch!

I am a huge proponent of the idea that the entertainment at any ceremony or event can either make or break the event.  Just as the video shows, in my opinion the musical entertainment is always the most important factor, and I’ve seen many examples of poor musical execution sabotaging a wedding reception.  For example, I’ve seen DJs blast hip hop music before the dinner gets served, to the point where hearing the person sitting next to you was a challenge.  I’ve also seen many a DJ clearing the dance floor due to their inability to read the crowd.  Other DJ-related problems like technical difficulties and poor music selection can also be absolutely disastrous.  The bottom line is that without good music, any party is doomed.

And that leads us to the video I’m sharing with you in this post.  As you can see, the first problem the DJ had was not being prepared for the first dance – she was supposed to sing the song, but couldn’t find the lyrics so she played the CD instead.  The problem I have with this is that there is always plenty of time to get organized leading up to that point, so a lack of preparedness is totally inexcusable.  And then to make matters worse, once she found the lyrics, she stopped the CD in mid-stream so she could start the dance over with her singing.  Bad move and incredibly awkward for the “happy” couple.

As you can imagine, there is another embarrassing problem shown in the video that involves the mother and son dance.  It’s bad enough that the mother and son are forced to wait in limbo on the dance floor for what seems like forever, but then the music starts and stops.  And starts and stops.  And starts and stops.

Again, if there’s one thing you should take away from this wedding video, it’s that you should never skimp on the musical entertainment.  Take this decision seriously – start figuring this out early on in the wedding planning process, and get referrals!  Whether it’s your wedding reception, summer BBQ or a school dance, the reality is that the music IS the party!

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