How to Choose the Best Mother of the Bride Accessories

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One of the most difficult things for me when my daughters got married was trying to finish off my outfit.  I really didn’t have much difficulty finding an elegant evening gown and hairstyle, but I struggled to finish off my look.  And much like the icing on the cake, your wedding accessories can really make or break your entire appearance.  As such, the purpose of today’s post is to give you some tips for selecting the best possible accessories for your daughter’s big day.  Watch the short video immediately below for expert tips on your shoes and purse, and I’ve highlighted some additional tips beneath the video as well.  Enjoy!

First and foremost, oftentimes it can be difficult to find the perfect shoes.  After all, it’s common for your dress to feature formal colors that do not lend themselves nicely to wedding shoes.  So, what do you do?  Well, the answer is that you go neutral – for example, opt for shoes with a light metallic slate color.  Additionally, a sling back style is always elegant, and opting for shoes with thicker heels will help you avoid the potential for embarrassing slips or falls.

The same goes for your purse; that is, its color should compliment your dress but fall on the more neutral side of the equation.  Keep in mind that these days, when it comes to the purse for your formal outfit, smaller is better.  Also, make sure your purse has a smooth, flat back if you plan to wear a glittery dress, because otherwise you could inadvertency nick your gown.

Finally, you’ll want your wedding jewelry to really wow ‘em!  Your necklace and earrings in particular should dazzle, especially if your dress is of the low-cut variety.  Long dangling earrings offer the most sophisticated look in my opinion, but admittedly this is really a matter of personal preference.  Silver often works best with formal wear, but gold can also look excellent if your dress has any gold color in it.

In the final analysis, your accessories are like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, so it’s important to get them right.  When in doubt, ask for advice from trusted friends or family members.  Just do your homework, and seek feedback, and you’ll have no problem looking absolutely stunning at your daughter’s wedding.  Good luck.

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