How to Create a Fabulous Rose Bridal Bouquet

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Rose bridal bouquetI must admit that roses are by far my favorite flower.  Call me sappy, but the look, feel and overall aesthetic quality of roses makes them an incredibly romantic choice for wedding flowers.

As such, for today’s blog post I’ve decided to share a video with you from the Floral Design Institute that actually demonstrates how to create a beautiful rose bridal bouquet.  If you’re getting married soon, and you’re like me and LOVE roses, then this video is an absolute must-watch.  Enjoy!

To do this, you will need a straight handled bridal bouquet holder and about 12 lovely red roses (making sure they are fully open, hydrated and voluptuous before you begin).  Start by cutting the stems short (only 3 inches or so of the stem should remain) so they stay close to the holder and do not appear oversized in the final arrangement.

The next step involves inserting the cut roses into the holder, working your way from the bottom up.  First, insert 3 cut roses into the bottom layer of holes on the holder so they form a triangle shape when viewed from above.  Then insert 3 more in a triangle formation, making sure you remove any dead petals as you go.  You will now have 6 roses on the bottom layer.  Then insert 3 roses into the middle level of the holder.  Now that 9 roses have been inserted, you can either stop there or utilize the remaining 3.  It really depends on how large and full the roses are.  If you see some holes, use the remaining roses to fill them in.

The structure of your rose bridal bouquet is now done.  Now it’s time to conceal the holder that is still visible on the underside of the bouquet.  To do this, simply take pieces of foliage and insert them into the bottom layer of holes, concealing the stems.  Then conceal the holder’s stem with ribbon or decorative paper of your choosing.  Finally, to make sure the bouquet stays in place and the roses do not fall out, use a commercial floral stem lock, which is essentially liquid glue.  The can comes with a little straw that you can aim into the holes to spray the liquid glue to keep all the stems firmly in place.

And as they say, that’s all there is to it folks!  This is a really nice DIY idea for saving money, and the end result is simply fabulous.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and please do let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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