How to Make a Wedding Centerpiece with Roses

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Rose Wedding CenterpieceThis post should make all of you budget conscious moms and brides out there really happy.  Did you know you could make your own wedding centerpieces and save a boatload of cash in the process?  And the same techniques can be used for other floral components of the ceremony as well, such as the bridal bouquetWatch this video right now to learn how.

As you can see, making a wedding centerpiece is really not that difficult to pull off.  You will need wide-mouth vases (1 vase per table), approximately 2 dozen roses per centerpiece depending on the size of the vase, some floral tape, trimmers, ribbon, and some big leaf tropical greens.

The first step is to prepare the flowers by removing any extraneous leaves, petals and thorns.   Then take 3 roses and assemble them into a tripod shape as demonstrated in the video.  Then take the rest of the roses and add them to the tripod shape, one-by-one, in a spiral formation making sure that all the stems are facing the same direction (basically, pick a direction – either clockwise or counter clockwise – and keep the stems flowing in that same direction as you fill in the tripod).  Assembling the rose stems in the same direction is critical because it allows them to easily collapse on themselves once they are all in place.

Once all the roses are in place, take some floral tape and wrap it around the base of the flower part / top of the stem part (basically, put the tape where you’ve been holding the arrangement).  Alternatively, you could also use a rubber band in lieu of floral tape.  Then fill the vase about 3 quarters full with water, and cut the stems short enough so that the roses fit nicely within the vase.  The goal is to have the rose flowers sitting on the top rim of the vase.

Then take some ribbon and tie it into a bow over top of the floral tape – the goal of which is to hide the tape from view.  Then take 1 or 2 of your big leaf tropical greens and place them inside the vase so that they wrap around the inside of the glass and hide the stems.  Finally, place the finished arrangement in the vase, and you’re done!

And that is all there is to it.  I would estimate you’ll spend about 20-30 minutes per wedding centerpiece, so if you have 20 tables you’re looking at about 15-20 hours of work.  But, in my opinion it’s worth it because you’ll save about 75% of the total cost by going the DIY route.  Plus you can make it a party – recruit your friends, mom, grandmother, and other family members and make it fun!  

So what’s it going to be – spend your time or your money?  Only you can decide!  Good luck!

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