Pros and Cons of a Christmas Themed Wedding

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Christmas themed weddingOne of the more unique wedding themes I’ve seen is a Christmas wedding.  Most people do not associate weddings with Christmas, but if you think about the spirit of love that permeates both events, it really is a pretty good fit.  Of course, like anything it does have its share of pros and cons, and that is the purpose of today’s post.

On the plus side, you’ll likely save money by having a Christmas themed wedding.  December is an “off” month in the wedding industry, so you should be able to save some money on the venue, the caterer, the DJ, and other areas.  You will also save money on wedding flowers, as most churches will already be decorated with beautiful floral arrangements and other decorations.  Even some venues will be pre-decorated, which again is another opportunity to shave a few dollars off your overall wedding budget.

Another benefit is that Christmastime is always a time of year that warms hearts and brings people together naturally, and as such wedding receptions during this time of year tend to be more festive than usual.  Your guests will be ready to party, which will increase the odds that they will have a blast and remember the event in an extremely positive light for years to come.

The main downside of a Christmas wedding is that the holiday season is always very hectic, and as such some guests might be forced to miss your big day due to other prior commitments.  Obviously this is of great concern because you’ll want ALL of your close friends and family members to attend.  One solution is to schedule the wedding in early December, before most peoples’ holiday plans kick into full gear.

The other major downside of a Christmas themed wedding is that the weather in most places is going to be cold, which will directly impact everyone’s wedding attire.  You and your guests will be more limited in terms of what you can wear, and oftentimes your outfit will cost more in the aggregate because you might need to buy a matching jacket, scarf, etc.

As you can see, a Christmas themed wedding has pros and cons.  You’ll save money and be able to leverage the holiday spirit, but your guests’ holiday commitments as well as unpredictable weather could throw a wrench into your plans. 

Therefore, this is a very personal decision and is clearly not for everyone.  But if you can pull it off, a Christmas wedding can be one of the most beautiful, elegant and memorable events you will ever experience. If you want something that is one-of-a-kind, this might be just the theme you’ve been looking for!

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