Top 10 Hottest Wedding Trends in 2012

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2012 Wedding TrendsAs Darwin showed us, things definitely change over time.  From trends around fashion to entertainment to lifestyle, the only constant is change.  And of course, just like with everything else, what’s hot in weddings also evolves over time.

As such, the purpose of today’s post is to highlight the 10 hottest 2012 wedding trends out there.  So, without further adieu, here is the list:

Royal Wedding DressThe wedding dress: Today’s dresses are currently heavily influenced by Kate Middleton’s dress at the Royal Wedding.  Specifically, the trendy look is a very traditional, white, long, lace-sleeved dress with a full train and veil.  But, with a modern twist.

The venue: More couples are opting for non-traditional venues that offer a mix of vintage aesthetics along with a slightly modern feel, such as modern art museums and refurbished barns.

The wedding flowers: The hot trend right now is wedding flowers featuring small bouquets and lots and lots of white.  Of course, your specific choice will depend on what kind of flowers you really like, your budget, and the season.

The centerpieces: Centerpieces created with flowers have always been the most popular option, and the same holds true in 2012. The difference this year is the color combinations, which are bold and striking – such as eggplant or sapphire blue or plum with purple and orange.

The jewelry: Diamonds are the hot jewelry trend for 2012 thanks to their beauty and rarity. Case closed.

Halo Engagement RingThe engagement ring: The halo style is hot right now – it’s a little twist on the classic solitaire with an extra dash of diamond “bling.” Colored diamonds are also very trendy right now.  Blue (like what Kate Middleton has), pink and yellow diamonds are particularly hot in 2012.

The wedding cake: Cupcakes in general are hot right now.  Although the traditional wedding cake still rules, more and more couples are opting for wedding cupcakes instead because it’s a unique concept, plus a lot easier!

The cocktail reception: The trend here is colorful fun!  Party drinks like watermelon martinis with pink sugar rims and colored champagnes are extremely hot right now.

The wedding invitations: Invitations that are fully customized, unique and intricate are hot this year.  Of course, unless you’re the do-it-yourself type, customized, multi-faceted wedding invitations can get a little expensive because oftentimes you’ll need to hire a professional graphic designer.

The traditional wedding rituals: Wedding traditions like throwing the bridal bouquet, removing the garter belt, and even the father giving away the bride are no longer required.  Many couples forego these altogether, or customize their chosen rituals to their liking.

So, there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed this list of 2012 wedding trends.  If you’ve got any other suggestions or trends I might have missed, please drop a comment below and let the world know!  Until next time…

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