Why You Need a Wedding Videographer

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Wedding videographyThere are obviously many facets of a wedding that need to be managed during the planning process.  While wedding pictures always seem to be top of mind for people, the importance of a wedding videographer is often overlooked.

Having a videographer is important if you want to relive the event at some point in the future.  This is of particular importance during your wedding, because the rapid pace of the evening pretty much guarantees that you’ll forget – or will be completely oblivious to – some of the wonderful details.  A wedding video is also helpful because it’ll allow you to show your kids and grandkids, thereby allowing them to share in your wonderful experience.

Yes the photos will capture some elements of the big day, but a video is much better in terms of capturing the emotions of the moment.  For example, if you want to relive the first dance, a few snapshots simply won’t cut it – you’ll want to see the dance from beginning to end to transport yourself back to that happy moment.  The bottom line is that looking at pictures does not provide the same level of emotional benefit.  To further my argument, here’s a video of a recently-married couple who is regretful about not hiring a videographer.

Of course, there is the downside of the additional cost, which I’m sure is the main reason why some couples choose to forego getting a videographer.  Although the cost will vary depending on the video length, equipment and editing style, a basic package typically runs from $600-$1,000. Yes a grand isn’t chump change, but when you consider the permanent benefits of having a video, it’s a good investment.  Personally, I’d rather skimp on other things like the wedding favors, centerpieces, or food package instead of the videographer.

It’s also important to choose a videographer wisely.  Get referrals, do some research online, and interview your short list of candidates.  You’ll want to ask each candidate about his or her availability, camera used, delivery timetable, and package options.  It’s also a good idea to ask for a couple samples so you can get a firsthand view of his or her work.  For a detailed article on how to make this decision, click here.

In the final analysis, your wedding video should be one of the last things you’d consider scrapping when money is tight.  Unlike the food, reception hall, flowers and wedding cake, your wedding video is permanent and will be a valuable contribution to your family’s history in the future.  So avoid the temptation to forego this…you’ll be sorry if you do!

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