4 Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

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Beautiful outdoor weddingAh yes – outdoor weddings can be incredibly fun and romantic.  However, planning a wedding that will take place outside requires a little bit of extra preparation.  Read on for 4 important tips!

First and foremost, you’ll need a contingency plan should the weather not cooperate.  This could include making “plan B” arrangements at a nearby hotel or other venue, or erecting large tents for cover. Really, if you plan to have an outdoor wedding, you absolutely, positively need a backup plan.  You simply cannot depend on the weather cooperating, and if your wedding gets caught in a downpour with no contingency plan, you’re in for a miserable experience.

The second tip, particularly for a summer wedding, is to protect against insects.  The good news is that as long as you plan for this, it’s really easy to do.  One option is to surround the area with citronella candles or Tiki Torches.  You could also incorporate these items into the centerpieces.  Another option is to invest in a barrier spray, which can protect larger areas but costs a bit more.  This will add a few hundred dollars to your wedding budget, but it’s highly effective and as such it’s probably a good idea.

The third tip is to consider the terrain to make sure the guests can comfortably get from Point A to Point B.  Thus, make sure there are walkways leading to all the important areas.  Also, if you plan to erect a large tent, go the extra mile and have the vendor put in a temporary floor as well.  Another good idea is to provide heel protectors that will allow the women to get around easily in the event that poor weather makes the ground difficult to navigate with high heels.  A company called SoulMates.com has a good selection of heel protectors that can be used for this purpose.

Finally, remember that the sun can bake your guests on hot days, so you’ll want to plan for that as well.  This means erecting a few tents or a canopy for shade, and placing a non-alcoholic beverage station near the main waiting area or entrance point.

As you can see, planning an outdoor wedding requires a few extra planning considerations, but it’s well worth it.  Follow the 4 tips in this post, and you can rest assured that your outdoor wedding will be one for the ages.  Have fun and good luck!

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