5 Disastrous Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

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Whether you’re a soon-to-be bride, groom or even mother of the bride or groom, it goes without saying that planning a wedding is tough!  You want the wedding of your dreams, but with that comes a ton of pressure!  There’s a reason that there is an old saying in the wedding industry that if a couple can get through the wedding planning process without hating each other, then they truly deserve to be married!

That said, successfully planning your big day requires that you follow best practices and avoid the common wedding mistakes and pitfalls that tend to befall even the most meticulous of brides.  Thus, what follows is an overview of some of the most common mistakes that you’ll want to avoid when getting ready for the wedding.

The first common mistake is spending too much money.  Like many things in life, your wedding will ultimately wind up costing a lot more than you thought, but you can minimize this gap with careful planning.  Carefully mapping out all the elements of the event will help you create a wedding budget, which in turn will help keep your spending in check.  Another good idea is to check in advance the things that the venue will be providing so you can avoid erroneously purchasing these items.

The second common problem is forgetting the true meaning of the event.  Yes things like the overall wedding décor, favors and invitations are important, but the heart of any wedding is really the vows.  The vows are the most important aspect of any wedding because the expression of love between 2 people is the whole point!  Unfortunately, many couples get so wrapped up in the grandeur of the event that they do not spend enough time thinking about their vows.  Do not make this mistake – trust me, you will regret it down the road.

The third common mistake is skimping on the entertainment.  Whether you opt for a band or a DJ, remember that the music is really what makes or breaks any party.  With a subpar DJ, the entire mood of the reception will be negatively impacted.  So, make this choice wisely – do your homework and get a referral from someone you trust.

The fourth most common wedding mistake is not planning for the unexpected.  Take inventory of what could go wrong and plan accordingly.  This is particularly important if you’re getting married outside, because poor weather will obviously require a relocation of the ceremony.  The bottom line is to always make sure you have a plan B.

The fifth most common mistake is partying too hard the night before the wedding.  Yes the rehearsal dinner is a great way to spend quality time with your close friends and family, but don’t get blasted.  If you do, you’ll have a rough time, especially considering that the day of the wedding is an extremely long day!  The last thing you want is to be hung-over to the extent that you feel sick or tired on your big day.  In fact, of all the wedding mistakes listed here, this one might be the worst of all because it could literally ruin your entire day.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and nowhere is this truer than a wedding.  There’s a lot that can go awry, so meticulous planning is critical. 

Always remember to calculate and follow a budget, avoid skimping on the vows, hire good entertainment, prepare for the unexpected, and don’t party too hard the night before.  As long as you work hard to follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to having the wedding of your dreams.  Good luck!

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