Amazing Watercolor Weddings!

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Ideas for watercolor weddings If you love color, and you need some inspiration for you or your daughter’s upcoming wedding, you have definitely come to the right place!  I stumbled onto a very cool website the other day called, and one article in particular really piqued my interest. 

The website profiled an artistic couple’s wedding décor, which featured bright, bold watercolors as well as inspiration from an artist named Jackson Pollock who was known for his unique painting style (“drip painting”).

Bold watercolors representing various hues of orange, red, purple, green, and yellow were woven throughout the wedding cake, stationary, backdrop and even the macaroons!  For example, the appetizer plates, centerpieces, menus, utensils, table cloths, and even some delicious-looking tiny wedding cupcakes were all adorned with beautifully bold colors.

And the couple threw in some nice extra artistic touches as well.  For instance, each escort card was a tiny palette and paint set, and when the guests first entered the wedding they were encouraged to paint something for the happy couple on a large canvas (I love that idea!)

Here is the link to the full article.  Please check it out – it should definitely help inspire you, as the article also has dozens of fabulous photos showing off all the various ways in which the happy couple utilized striking watercolors.  The bottom line is that if you need some wedding ideas, you definitely should, at a minimum, check out these incredible pics.  Enjoy!

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