Chalkboard Weddings

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Chalkboard wedding ideaI just read a great article that discusses unique and creative ways to use chalkboards at weddings.  Yes you heard that right – chalkboards!

I just LOVE this idea and wanted to share it with you for today’s blog post.  Whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride, or the maid / matron of honor, check out these chalkboard ideas for some awesomely quirky wedding inspiration!
Chalkboards can be used in a variety of different wedding themes, but they are probably most appropriate for rustic, autumn, beach or similar types of outdoor weddings.  They can be used in lieu of menus, seating charts, programs, escort cards or pretty much any other on-site paper item you can think of.  Plus, chalkboards are generally cheaper and more environmentally friendly than most paper products.

If you want to incorporate one or more chalkboards into your wedding décor, simply make a list of any paper items that could be replaced with a chalkboard.  Then figure out how you will decorate the chalkboards so that they tie in with your overall wedding theme.  This generally includes adding a frame and/or some props surrounding the chalkboard.  For example, the frame could be made from weathered, rustic-looking wood, sea shells or ribbon, depending on the aesthetics of your theme.  Or you might choose to forego the frame altogether and instead display the chalkboard in an old window frame, or surround it with flowers.
So that’s a quick introduction to chalkboard weddings; I sincerely hope this idea helps to spur your creative juices! 

If you need even more inspiration, then you’ll definitely want to check out the original article, which has a lot more detail and some photos of chalkboard examples.  Click here for the article. 

And if you have any other creative ideas for utilizing chalkboards at a wedding, please drop me a comment below and let the world know!

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