The 5 Secrets of Marriage

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MarriageToday’s post is a little different than my “normal” posts.  I typically focus on wedding planning advice, but today I’ll be discussing marriage in general – specifically the 5 “secrets” of marriage.  A recent article from the Huffington Post is what inspired me to do this.  I’ve included the link to the original article at the bottom of the page.  In the meantime, here’s a summary of the key points of the article…

The first secret mentioned in the article is that marriage is not fair.  This means that the delineation of the workload is always going to be out of balance – sometimes the bride will do more and sometimes the groom will do more, and this delineation is in a constant state of flux.  That’s just life – it’s never perfectly balanced.  Deal with it.

The second secret is that marriage does not have a finish line – conversely, it is permanent (at least until death or divorce).  It’s simply not like that crappy wedding gift you got that you had to return to the store.  Understanding this reality can help set expectations and manage behavior.  The bottom line is that it is a long term endeavor and needs to be treated as such.

The third secret is that marriage never rests.  You will still be married tomorrow, and the next day, and the next year, etc. (again, let’s ignore the possibility of divorce).  You do not get a vacation from marriage, and the wants and needs of your spouse should always take precedence.  It’s always with you until the day you pass on.

The fourth secret is that marriage cannot be measured.  It’s not a competition and there is no need to try and compare your marriage with that of other people.  It’s akin to running an endless race – there is no winner or loser, it just keeps going on and on.  When it comes to marriage, there simply is no need to try and keep up with the Jones’.

The fifth secret is that marriage has no rules.  Forget about trying to achieve perfection.  There are simply no absolutes; the only thing you can do is ride the peaks and valleys and accept it.

To read the full Huffington Post article, please click here.  Enjoy!

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