3 Tips for Wedding Shoes on a Budget

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Beautiful Wedding ShoeGetting married, at least if you plan on having a traditional wedding and reception, is getting more and more expensive every year.  In fact since I started this blog in 2009, wedding costs have gone up by an average of 10-30%, depending on the specific item and geographical location.  Obviously this is not good news – whether you’re the bride, the groom, or even the mother of the bride, this reality is definitely not for the faint of heart!  Luckily, there are several things you can do to trim your wedding budget, and what you’ll be wearing on your feet is as good a place as any to start.

First and foremost, realize that when you buy your shoes will make a tremendous difference.  Get an early start and begin shopping in the winter months, which is typically the slowest time of the year for weddings.  Understand that if you shop for your shoes during the most popular wedding months – such as May or June – you’ll find it difficult to find quality bridal shoes for anything less than full price.  Shop off-season when the stores are more likely to have these items on sale.

Another tip is to look for “gently” used shoes.  A good starting point is to look in your own closet, as you might find that a formal pair you already own would fit the bill nicely.  You could also check second-hand stores and eBay for some really great deals.  Another idea is to ask friends or family members that might have gotten married recently if they have a pair that you could borrow for the big day.

The third tip is to basically create your own wedding shoes.  For example, you might find that you have a pair that would work great with your wedding dress if not for the fact that they’re the wrong color.  Not to worry – you can actually buy shoe paint these days that can transform footwear into any color you desire.  Another idea is to embellish a pair of simple sandals with shoe clips, ribbons, etc.  I know this might sound a little hokey, but you’d be surprised at what you can do once your creative juices are flowing.

I hope you found these 3 wedding shoe budget tips to be useful and informative.  The bottom line is that your shoes are probably the last thing that your wedding guests will notice, and as such it seems silly to break the bank on them.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this fabulous slideshow from Glamour Magazine that shows 51 pairs of wedding shoes for less than $150.  Enjoy!

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