The Craft Beer Wedding Trend

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Beer wedding crazeThere is a new wedding trend currently making the rounds – the craft beer wedding reception.  Apparently there are a lot of beer lovers out there, and the trend of serving high end craft or micro brews at the wedding reception is growing rapidly.

The biggest reason for this trend is the fact that craft beers in general are increasingly trendy.  Beer is no longer associated with a bunch of truckers sitting inside a dingy, poorly lit bar; nowadays the consumption of beer, especially micro beers, is considered hip – even by women.  This is apparent when you consider that the amount of craft beer produced in the US has increased a whopping 83% in the last 6 years alone.

One way this trend has manifested itself in weddings is via micro-beer tasting stations.  Much like stations serving hors d’oeuvres, in this scenario these same stations can be set up to offer guests a sampling of exotic beers from around the world.  Other couples choose to feature local beers from their hometowns, from where they first met, or even beers that synergize with the location of the wedding (especially in the case of destination weddings). Craft brewers and others in the industry are definitely starting to become aware of this trend.  For example, a brewer in Albany, NY (CH Evens Brewing Co.) has actually developed a mobile beer-serving trailer, and another vendor specializes in creating labels for beer bottles featuring the happy couple’s names.  Even Samuel Adams got into the act, venturing into the production of wine-sized beer bottles with corks and all!

Overall I think the craft beer wedding craze is definitely more of a trend than a fad.  It’s here to stay.  It just makes sense in this day and age.  More brides and grooms are funding their own weddings, and the economy has cut wedding budgets.  Plus, perhaps most importantly, now more than ever people just want to be themselves.  And in my mind, that is the best aspect of this entire trend!  Forget about pleasing others…it’s all about being true to who you are.

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