The Evolution of Wedding Food

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Wedding Food TrendsWedding food has traditionally endured a poor reputation, trumped only by the less-than-desirable perception of airline food!  But things are beginning to change in this regard.  The wedding tradition of having a salad followed by a chicken/beef/fish dinner is going the way of the typewriter.  Yes some couples still want the old school traditional wedding feast, but more and more couples are opting to follow increasingly modern food trends.  Why?  Because in the 21st century, individualism and creativity rule.

One of the most overarching trends right now is that many couples do not want the food to look catered; they want it to look more natural.  As such, some of the more modern wedding food trends include serving multiple smaller dishes rather than a formal dinner, offering vegetarian options, and even doing a full blown pig roast at the reception!  There also seems to be more of a “one size fits all” approach, whereby the guests at many trendy weddings no longer have the opportunity to pick their main course.  Additionally, many couples are shunning the idea of having a sit-down dinner altogether in order to keep the party going for the maximum amount of time.

There is also more of a trend toward serving local foods at the reception, especially those that are fresher and more organic in nature than typical wedding foods.  Some couples are now even opting to have local farmers plant-to-order for the reception, time permitting of course.  These preferences really piggyback off the national trend of people “going organic” in an effort to eat healthier and live longer.

In terms of the deserts, comfort foods will never go out of style but these days there is a trend toward miniaturization.  For example, the wedding cake might be replaced with cupcakes, tiny doughnuts or downsized frozen treats like mini sundae bites or frozen margarita pops.   Additionally, many couples are now opting to have the deserts served like hors d’oeuvres, again in an effort to keep the party going strong without any slumps in the action.

As you can see, wedding food trends are evolving over time, and the trends I highlighted above are really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  If you want more examples of how wedding food preferences are changing, check out this great article from the Washington Post.  Enjoy!

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