The Ins and Outs of Wedding Save the Date Cards

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save the date cardMost couples planning a fairly formal and/or traditional wedding ceremony will opt to send “save the date” cards to their guests.  Save the date cards generally include the couple’s names, URL of the wedding website if applicable, and the date, time and location of the wedding.  The purpose is simply to announce the date of the wedding so that your guests can start making the appropriate arrangements to attend.   They are generally sent about 6 months prior to the wedding, although it’s a good idea to send them even earlier, like 8 months prior, if you’re planning a destination wedding or if you have a lot of guests coming from overseas

It’s typically recommended to send the save the date cards to everyone on your guest list, including the bride and groom’s parents and the bridal party.  Yes it might seem like overkill, but it doesn’t hurt and it’s better to be thorough.  Also, always include the “and guest” verbiage on the save the date cards, and also put “invitation to follow” to prevent any potential confusion.  Also, make sure each card is addressed exactly the same as what you will do for the corresponding invitation.

It’s important to have fun and be creative with the design of your save the date cards.  There really aren’t any rules of etiquette other than making sure the key facts and dates are clear.  The design can encompass things like standard cardstock, pocket invitations, photos, magnets, luggage tags, and pretty much anything else you can possibly imagine!  If you want to see some actual examples of awesome save the date cards, check out this fab slideshow from Martha Stewart.

In the final analysis, unless you are having a tiny wedding in your backyard (and even then sometimes), it’s almost always a good idea to send save the date cards to your guests in advance of the wedding invitations.  Just be sure to send them 6-8 months in advance of the actual wedding, and follow all the address and naming conventions that will be on the invitations.

Follow the tips in this post, and be creative with the design, and you are sure to hit a home run.  Good luck!

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