The New Breed of Weddings

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unique weddingSo, quick – what’s the hottest wedding trend for 2012?  The answer is anything that deviates from old-fashioned wedding traditions.  That’s right – although traditional weddings will always have their place in society, more and more couples are opting for unique weddings that showcase their own individuality.

One example of this relates to the wedding attire.  These days, brides are no longer chastised for not wearing white, and extreme standardization is no longer necessary.  Similarly, bridesmaid dresses no longer need to be identical, and in fact many brides now opt to have their bridesmaids wear different colored dresses instead of them all wearing the same color.

Another recent trend is the reemergence of themed weddings.  Weddings that feature unique themes had been considered hokey by many people until recently.  Now, themes are becoming more and more grandiose, and the experiential elements of weddings are becoming more and more important.   Additionally, today’s wedding themes are not just aesthetic in nature; rather, they are participatory because they invite the guests to be part of the action.

Cheeseburger slidersAnother trend is the increasing preference for “non-wedding” foods.  Let’s face it, wedding food has a bad rep, and hence many couples want to avoid the traditional grub.  Instead of a sit-down fish or prime rib dinner, many couples are opting for fun foods like cheeseburger sliders or buffalo chicken wings that are served in buffet stations.

Still another trend is the expansion of traditional dessert options.  Even if a wedding cake is involved, many progressive couples realize that some people simply don’t want cake, and as such they make it a point to include some other tasty options as well.  Some of the trendier options include gourmet doughnuts, candy bars, sundae stations and chocolate dipping fountains.

Finally, the do-it-yourself (DIY) movement has officially taken the wedding world by storm.  Yes the poor economy has had something to do with this, but this trend also has to do with the idea of individualism.  Simply put, the DIY approach allows for a more personal touch.  From the wedding invitations to the favors to the centerpieces, there are tons of ways to add a crafty DIY flair to your big day.

As you can see, today’s weddings no longer need to follow the stuffy, overly-formal, cookie-cutter affairs of days gone-by.  Creativity, uniqueness and individualism rule the day.  So, if you’re getting married in the near future, don’t be shackled by the formalities of your mother’s wedding – make it your own.  After all, it is YOUR day.  Good luck!

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