3 Reasons to Block Hotel Rooms for Wedding Guests

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It obviously makes sense to block hotel rooms for your guests if you or your daughter is planning a destination wedding.  But even with traditional local weddings, if the guest list is large, it still makes a lot of sense.  In fact, in my opinion if you plan to invite more than 50 people to your wedding, then blocking rooms is an absolute requirement.

One reason that blocking rooms for your guests makes sense is that you will receive discounted rates.  A group rate typically reflects a 20-25% discount per room.  And if the number of rooms booked is large enough (usually 20-25 rooms), then the bride and groom will typically get their room for free.  To find nearby hotels with discount programs, call from the phone book or check online.

Booking a block of rooms also makes things much easier logistically.  Often the wedding reception will be in the same hotel, which obviously makes things super easy for people.  But even if it’s not, many hotels will offer free or heavily discounted shuttle services to and from the reception.  It also makes it easier for your guests to get ready, particularly the groomsmen and bridesmaids.  Plus, you can have the hotel give out wedding gift bags to each staying guest, which could contain snacks, a bottle of wine, beauty supplies, etc.

The third benefit is that it helps extend the party and really helps ensure that your out-of-town guests have a great time.  Before and after the wedding, your guests will be able to mingle, enjoy the pool, and relax.  And having a block of rooms is a great way to enable the after party.

As you can see, if you or your daughter plans to have a wedding with 50 or more guests, or if a large proportion of the guests will be coming from out of town, it really makes a lot of sense to block hotel rooms.  It makes things infinitely easier for your guests, it will facilitate the always-fun after party, and will save your guests a boatload of money too.  Plus, most importantly, it affords the opportunity to hang out and bond with your friends and family, which is absolutely priceless. So, do not avoid doing this – it’s a mistake you don’t want to make.

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