How to Have a Beautiful Garden Wedding

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Garden WeddingIf you’re partial to outdoor weddings, a garden wedding might be just what you’ve been looking for.  Garden weddings can be held at public parks, conservation areas, historical locales, and even residential backyards.  A garden wedding theme offers simplicity, elegance, and fresh air.  Plus, generally speaking, garden weddings are often cheaper than traditional wedding venues.  Sounds like a winner to me!   

Here are some tips for pulling this off!

The Venue

The garden venue must be adequate for your specific wedding, and hence you must physically visit each one on your short list.  Make sure the garden area is large enough to accommodate your guest list, that an adequate number of bathrooms are present, and that your guests will have someplace to park.  Make sure the venue isn’t too far into the “boonies,” as you don’t want your guests to struggle to find it.

Additionally, ask where on the grounds the ceremony will take place so you can make a reasonable estimation of shade requirements.  Also find out if chairs will be made available or even permitted (which sometimes they are not!).  It’s also a good idea to make sure that your chosen venue can accommodate “plan B” if it rains – for example, permission to use an inside facility if it rains, or the provision of large tents outside.

The Décor

One of the great things about garden weddings is that you really don’t have to worry about the wedding décor.  Whether you have it in the spring, summer or fall, the landscape of the venue should have enough flowers, trees and scenic elements to make the provision of a ton of decorations unnecessary.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with implementing your own decorative ideas.  If you do choose to embellish the natural scenery with your own personal touch, keep it subtle and make sure that your decorations complement the venue, theme and season.

The Bride’s Needs

A garden wedding pretty much requires that the bride make a few concessions, so be prepared for compromise.  For example, the fact that the ceremony will be outside will impact the choice of gown.  If it’s a summer wedding, you’ll want a cooler design, and obviously vice versa for an autumn wedding.  Also, it’s probably a good idea to ditch the train, as you don’t want it dragging on the ground.  You’ll also want to consider smaller-heeled shoes as well.

The bridal bouquet will also require some thought.  It should be comprised of either artificial flowers, or flowers that thrive in whichever season you’re getting married in so they don’t wilt.  When in doubt, ask a florist for advice.  Additionally, keep a bucket of water in the shade in case the flowers get thirsty.


Garden weddings are beautiful, but they do require some special provisions and considerations.  Make sure the venue has everything you need, go easy on the décor, and consider the impact on the wedding dress and bridal bouquet.  Plan it out like this, and it’ll surely be an incredible wedding.  Good luck!

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