3 Wedding Guests That Can Destroy Wedding Bliss

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Bad wedding guestWhether you’re the bride, groom or even mother of the bride or groom, the big day should be a joyous occasion.  Unfortunately, a small percentage of the wedding guests may not share in your happy thoughts.  In fact, you may run into a few guests that clearly do not have your best interests at heart.  What follows is a cautionary tale of how this could play out.

One category of “bad” wedding guest is the reluctant parent.  I’ve seen this phenomenon play out several times in my life – specifically, if one or more of the happy couple’s parents are not onboard with the marriage, you might be in for a rough ride.  Now, the good news is that most parents are respectful enough to avoid causing a stink even if they do not approve.  But if one of the disapproving parents happens to be an ignorant jerk, the situation could boil out of control.  One specific example I witnessed was the father of the bride getting drunk and announcing to the entire guest list at the reception how unappreciative he was.  Very embarrassing for all involved…especially the groom!

Another type of guest that can put a real damper on things is the overzealous guest.  This person may be so giddy that he or she loses all control at the wedding and essentially makes a fool of themselves and by extension, you.  Another type of person that falls into this category is the dreaded know-it-all.  Whether it’s the music, food, venue, attire, honeymoon or logistics, the know-it-all guest will have an opinion on everything, and eventually this will get old real quick.

Finally, inviting exes to the affair is usually not the greatest idea in the world.  Or worse yet, door crashing exes could really deliver an unwelcome surprise.  Their presence is simply not appropriate, as it’ll make your spouse uncomfortable and can open up a can of worms should the ex in question have a little too much to drink.  So don’t invite these people.  You might even want to create a blacklist and have the door guarded if you’ve dated a psycho in the recent past.

In the final analysis, be wary of who you invite to your wedding.  Not inviting exes is a no-brainer, but the other 2 might be trickier because you won’t always know who will explode in a negative way at the reception.  But hopefully now that you know what to look out for, you’ll be better equipped to make the hard decisions if you need to.  If you think a parent might be a problem, it’s a good idea to set the expectations beforehand and let them know that no one – even a mom or dad of the bride or groom – is immune from banishment. Good luck!

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