4 Tips for Mother of the Bride Outfits

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Mother of the bride outfitsSo your daughter is getting married – congratulations!  Obviously the wedding is all about your daughter, but you do have some decisions to make regarding your outfit.  And this is clearly a decision that should not be taken lightly, as the mother of the bride is one of the central figures in any wedding.  But you must be careful, as there are some very specific dos and don’ts surrounding this important decision.  Here are 4 tips for mother of the bride outfits that will help you select the best one possible.

First and foremost, please avoid wearing white.  You do not want to outshine your daughter, and because wearing white can compete with her wedding dress, this is not recommended.  The only exception to this is if the bride is foregoing the tradition of wearing white at her wedding.  If your daughter plans to wear any color besides white, then it’s likely ok for you to wear white.  That said, no matter what color dress the bride is wearing, you should only wear white as a last resort (i.e., you simply cannot find anything else appropriate).

Second, talk to your daughter to understand her expectations regarding your outfit.  Are there any colors that she is firmly against you wearing?  Does she expect your outfit to be in the same color neighborhood as the bridesmaid dresses?  Is there a particular style that she would prefer?  Remember, this is your daughter’s big day, so it’s important to basically cater to her wishes.  So communicate with her so you understand her overall expectations.

Another tip is to check with the mother of the groom.  These days, the moms on both sides often want to coordinate their outfits, or at the very least avoid wearing drastically conflicting styles.  Therefore communicating with the other mother is essential.  This will allow you to determine whether or not complementary outfits are in order, whether the target style should be ultra formal or less formal, and what color options might make sense.

Finally, avoid waiting until the proverbial eleventh hour to buy your outfit.  Procrastinating will not help matters, and might actually make things worse if the groom’s mother is depending on your choice to determine her own.  Additionally, it’ll take some time and effort to find the outfit that is just right, and waiting until the last minute will reduce the odds that you’ll find the best outfit possible.

The bottom line is that the MOB is an important figure of any wedding, so you’ll want to look your best.  That said, you can’t make your outfit decision in a vacuum. 

Communicate with your daughter, as well as the groom’s mother to gauge expectations.  Allow plenty of time to browse as many mother of the bride outfits in advance as you can.  And please – do not wear white!  Follow these guidelines and you will be good to go.  Good luck and have fun!

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