Bridal Emergency Kit: 6 Must Have Items for Your Wedding Day

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Bridal emergency kitWhether you’re the bride, groom, mother of the bride or a bridesmaid, you probably realize that in many cases ‘stuff happens’ despite the best laid plans.  And the last thing you need is an unexpected zinger to ruin many months worth of wedding planning stress.  As such, it’s important to have something akin to an emergency kit with you on your big day.

One item that any bridal emergency kit should include is a small makeup kit with a compact mirror.  The mirror is especially important, as you’ll want to check your teeth after eating, check your makeup after an emotional part of the wedding, check your hair after dancing, etc.  Make sure you check your face early and often, as your wedding is the one chance you’ll get to be the center of everyone’s attention.

A second and related emergency kit item that you’ll definitely want is smudge and waterproof mascara.  Chances are that you will either sweat or cry at some point during your wedding (or both), and you don’t want this to degrade your appearance.  Using special mascara will ensure that, by the end of the night, you don’t end up looking like a blind clown who applied his or her own makeup!

A mini sewing kit is another critical item.  Like your face, you’ll want your wedding dress to look beautiful for the entire day and night.  If your dress gets a slight tear, frayed hems, or a loose snap or button, you will want to have the ability to fix the problem on the fly.  And please do not worry if you’re not the sewing type – bring the kit anyway, as someone will surely be able to help you out in a pinch.

Another must-have item is a container of wipes or blotting paper (or both for the uber-prepared).  Wipes will come in handy if someone spills something on your shoes, or if you just need to wipe the sweat off your hands.  Blotting paper is also helpful for sweat, and can camouflage any greasy or overly shiny parts of your face.

Some extra deodorant is another item that will definitely come in handy.  Getting married is a big event that is stressful as well as physically demanding, and as such can cause some sweating.  And yes, this can often lead to the dreaded BO.  So don’t chance being stinky – be prepared!

Finally, you’ll need something to protect and enhance the comfort of your feet.  For example, bringing a pair of flat shoes for the wedding reception will allow you to dance without the foot pain associated with doing so in high heels.  Another example is plasters, which are basically pads that can be inserted into your shoes to help protect against blisters.

The bottom line is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so be prepared.  Remember that (hopefully) you will only get one crack at this, so make sure you are ready for any beauty ‘gotchas’ that might arise.  Good luck and most of all…have fun!

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