How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

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wedding colorsColor is a critical component of the overall ambiance of any wedding.  Of course it is important for the chosen colors to mirror current societal or cultural trends, but that’s not enough.  The wedding colors you choose for the décor can either help or hinder the mood, theme and emotional feel of your wedding.  Although many brides tend to gravitate toward their favorite colors, this might not always be appropriate.  It’s important to realize that there are other factors to consider as well.

How to Determine Your Wedding Color Scheme

First off, the chosen color scheme should reflect the personalities of the bride and groom.  As an extreme example, black might be great for Goth couples but not for others.  So think about your favorite colors and why they are your favorites – for example, do they remind you of a special time, place or person?  By considering the ‘whys,’ you’ll be better equipped to integrate your favorite colors into the overall color scheme, even if they are not the dominant colors within the scheme.

Obviously your wedding theme is also an important consideration.  Simply put, the colors you choose must complement the theme.  For example, an autumn wedding should be filled with yellows, oranges, browns and reds.  A beach wedding should feature light blues, yellows and whites.  A garden wedding should be fraught with greens and browns.  You get the idea.

Once you’ve decided on a general color scheme, then you must figure out how to actually disperse the colors at the wedding and reception.  For example, you will need to decide which colors should be featured on the tables, on the bridesmaid dresses, on the flowers and centerpieces, and even in the lighting.  If doing this is not your cup of tea, there are TONS of color-related resources online.  A good place to start your research would be to do some Google image searches.

What Certain Wedding Colors Mean

One thing that might help you make this decision is to understand the psychology of various colors.  In other words, certain colors are known to stimulate certain thoughts and feelings in people.  So obviously this is helpful to know.

For example, white evokes feelings of purity and innocence whereas black emanates power and sophistication.  Yellow is joyous and cheerful, red is intense and exciting, and orange is vibrant and playful.  Purple is a good color if you want to come off as extravagant, because it evokes feelings of royalty and luxury.  Green is a good choice if you want a natural and calming feel, whereas blue can stimulate feelings of trust and tranquility.


The wedding colors you choose are critical to conveying the overall feeling and ambiance of the big day, so it is important to give this some thought and make the right choice.  As you make this decision, focus on your own personality, your wedding theme, the psychology of different colors and even the makeup of your guests.  Then once you figure out the color scheme at a macro level, you can decide how the colors will be presented throughout the day.  And that is all there is to it!  Follow these basic tips and your wedding will be beautifully color coordinated.  Good luck!

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