3 Tips for Looking Stunning in a Wedding Gown All Day Long

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Bride slouchingAs any bride-to-be knows, the most important and desirable attribute of any wedding is its visceral beauty.  In other words, you want everything to look amazing.  Now, most of this is nailed down during the wedding planning process – for example, you will decide well in advance what color scheme to use, what if any theme to embrace, what color combination to use for the bridesmaid dresses, etc.  But even the best laid plans can go awry on the actual day of the wedding, and nowhere is this truer than in regards to the wedding gown.  As such, the purpose of today’s post is to discuss 3 tips for maximizing the odds that you’ll look as beautiful in your wedding dress at the end of the night as you did when you first put it on.

Dress Properly from the Start

The first tip is to make sure you’ve dressed appropriately from the get-go, both in terms of the wedding dress itself as well as your undergarments.  For example, your dress should be simpler, more durable and shorter (without a long train) if you plan to have an outdoor wedding, otherwise it won’t be able to withstand the effects of the wind, sun and heat over the long haul.  And there are many other examples as well but you get the idea – the bottom line is that if the dress is inappropriate for the venue or location, chances are that it’ll look a little ratty by the time the sun sets.

Another consideration is that if you will be wearing a dress with a train, you will need to make sure you choose the proper bustle.  The bustle helps prevent the train from getting all dirty on the bottom, so it’s important.  Plus, the bustle can either help or hinder the overall look and elegance of the dress.  So make sure you discuss this with the salespeople you run into so you understand the options, as there are many.

Undergarments are also an important yet often overlooked aspect of looking great in a wedding dress all day long.  Typically, your “regular” undergarments won’t be adequate because wedding gowns tend to be heavier and more weighed down than everyday attire.  You will need the proper support to avoid the appearance of saggy breasts, improperly fitted areas, and bulges.  Because there are many variables that go into determining the best undergarments for your needs, I strongly suggest discussing this with every salesperson you talk to when dress shopping.

Maintain Good Posture

This is such a simple tip that it drives me batty whenever I see a bride looking at the ground or all hunched over.  Please, no matter what you’re wearing, you will always look better if you focus on maintaining good posture.  This entails walking as erect as possible, making sure your shoulders are aligned with your lower back, and keeping your back straight.

Maintaining good posture will help ensure that you look as good as possible in your gown, both in terms of walking down the aisle as well as when you are getting the wedding pictures taken.  It conveys an aura of confidence and elegance.  Plus, slouching can create wrinkles in the dress over time.  So make good posture a priority on your wedding day, and practice walking with good posture for several weeks in advance.

Be Prepared

There is an old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is a phrase worth keeping in mind when getting married.  As such, putting together a bridal emergency kit is an excellent idea.  This way, you’ll have a reasonable course of action should something get spilled on your dress.  Solicit the help of a trusted friend or family member to be in charge of the emergency kit should you need it.

Aside from an emergency kit, you might want to consider bringing a second dress along on your big day.  Not another wedding dress, but rather an evening gown that can be worn at the reception.  This way, if disaster strikes your dress at the ceremony and you can’t solve the problem, you’ll at least be able to ensure you look fabulous at the reception.  And heck, even in the absence of a wedding dress disaster, it’s increasingly common for brides to change into an evening gown for the reception anyway.

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