5 Awesome Surprises to Unleash at Your Wedding

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Wedding surpriseObviously all women (and most men presumably) want to have the best, most elegant wedding they possibly can.  And one way to truly make your big day even more special and memorable is to plan a surprise or two.  Because surprises by their very nature are unexpected, unveiling one or two of them during your big day can have a positive effect on everybody’s long term recollection and opinion regarding the event.  As such, what follows are 5 ideas for wedding day surprises that are sure to “wow ‘em.”

One wedding surprise to consider is to write your own vows.  Most couples nowadays opt for standard vows, and if this is what your partner is expecting when you unleash your personally-written vows, he or she will be blown away.  Write a wedding poem or a heartfelt love note.  And of course, preserve the surprise by not unveiling your personalized vows until the actual wedding.

Another idea worth considering is a surprise wedding entertainer.  This idea could encompass booking a semi-famous band that your spouse really likes, but of course most wedding budgets will not allow for this.  But this idea does not necessarily need to break the proverbial bank.  Hire someone local that your future spouse really likes, or perhaps an act that you saw on your first date.  Or, if your partner has a special interest or hobby – such as rock and roll, magic, or science fiction – you can hire an entertainer that specializes in that particular hobby or genre.

Another great idea is to invite a surprise guest.  Inviting a childhood friend, a close relative living overseas, or even an ex-lover would really make for a nice surprise (ok, maybe not that last one…).  To make it as surprising as possible, make sure the target guest has specifically declined attendance.  When your partner sees the surprise guest, it’ll make a great day even better.

The fourth idea is to surprise your partner with an elegant wedding suite.  At the end of a long day, unveiling an elegant wedding suite to your spouse instead of going to the expected hotel room will make a huge impact.  You can even make it more special by decorating the room with rose petals, setting up a bubble bath, or having a late night snack and/or some champagne delivered.  The sky is the limit on this one!

Finally, you could surprise your future spouse with a romantic honeymoon.  This works especially well if your partner is not expecting any honeymoon – imagine his or her surprise when you unveil the good news!  But even if you’ve already got a honeymoon planned, you could upgrade the location, hotel, or even fly there in first class.

The bottom line is that keeping things fresh and exciting is important, so why not start adopting this mindset on the first day of your new life together by unleashing some sort of surprise on your spouse?  Doing so will make the wedding and reception more memorable, enjoyable, and special for your partner as well as the wedding guests

So you ought to definitely give this some thought, and think about ways to woo your partner on your big day!  Good luck, and most important of all…have tons of fun!

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