Mother of the Bride Beauty Tips

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mother of the bride beautySo your daughter is getting ready to take the big plunge – congratulations!  Obviously the primary concern is that the bride looks as elegant and beautiful as possible on her big day, but as mother of the bride it’s important for you to look your best as well.  As such, what follows is an overview of current MOB skin and makeup trends, as well as tips to leverage these trends so that you look your absolute best.

Mother of the Bride Makeup Tips

Although you might consider going to the salon to have your wedding makeup applied, in most cases you should be able to achieve an acceptable look in the comfort of your own home.  The first step is to apply a primer.  This will help to tighten your skin and minimize lines and wrinkles.

The next step is to apply a foundation, particularly one that contains Aragon oil and is skin tone-adjusting, which will provide a moisturizing and softening effect.   Importantly, use only a small amount of foundation; otherwise you might look a bit overblown.  You will also want to add a little blush to help accentuate your cheekbones.

Next, you will want to accentuate your eyes.  As such, one tip is to define your eyebrows.  In terms of eye shadow, the best products will offer a small amount of shimmer without the sparkle.  In terms of your mascara, it should be relatively light as you do not want to look gaudy and overpower the color of your dress.  You should also use something that is waterproof so your mascara doesn’t run if you wind up getting all choked-up during the ceremony.

Finally, choose a lipstick color that is appropriate for your skin tone, outfit and hair color.  I won’t go into a lot of detail on this because it’s a highly personal decision, just avoid anything that might be construed as being too gaudy.

Mother of the Bride Skin Tips

There are several natural ways to make your skin look younger.  And much of this depends on what you consume.  For example, there is a powdery substance that can be mixed with anything drinkable called “Greens” that can give you the necessary nutrients to make your skin look younger (each tablespoon of Greens is equivalent to about 7 servings of green vegetables).  Taking 2 servings of Greens on a daily basis can really work wonders over time.  You could also mix Greens with a mineral solution and use it as a topical ointment daily to improve the appearance of your skin.

Check out this video for some other neat anti-aging tips for your skin:


Although the bride is the central figure in any wedding, the mother of the bride isn’t far behind.  As such, it’s important for any MOB to look her absolute best at the event.  Follow the tips in this post for great makeup and skin.  And check out my other posts regarding mother of the bride dresses and hairstyles to round out your look.  Good luck!

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