Winter Wedding Skin Care Tips

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Winter wedding skin careOne of the more subtle things that brides need to be concerned with when it comes to winter weddings is the appearance of their skin.  Most brides-to-be tend to focus on the more obvious things that promote beauty – namely, the wedding updo, the shoes, the wedding dress and the accessories.  But your skin should not be neglected, especially for a winter wedding because this season is extremely harsh on our skin.  Between the bitter winds, dried out cold air, and synthetic indoor heat, our skin can really take a beating this time of year.  So if you’re having a winter wedding, you’ll need to pay special attention to this aspect of your look.  The purpose of today’s post is to offer up some tips in this regard.

The main problem with winter skin is that it can be extremely dry, which can cause the skin on your hands and elsewhere to become rough and flaky.  This in turn can create wrinkles and white lines or patches in the particularly dried out areas.  Definitely not attractive!  Skin is especially prone to dry out in the winter because synthetic heat as well as dry, cold air can literally suck the moisture out of the pores.  And of course, don’t forget about the UV rays of the sun, which can dry out your skin even in cold weather, especially when reflected off of snowy surfaces.

Therefore, the “secret” (if you can call it that) to beautiful winter skin is to moisturize early and often.  Not only can moisturizing lotions help to reinvigorate dried out skin, but they can also help to provide a barrier that reduces your skin’s exposure to the various dryness-inducing winter elements.  Another tip is to avoid excessive exfoliation, as the scrubbing process can strip the skin of its natural oils which increases its vulnerability to the elements.

Of course, your specific approach to moisturizing your winter skin should reflect its natural attributes.  Specifically, there is a difference between a cream and a lotion – creams tend to contain more oil than lotions.  Thus, if you have naturally oily skin, a lighter moisturizing lotion will suffice, but if your skin is naturally dry then you should opt to use a cream.

Other factors include whether or not your skin is clear, sensitive, reddish or aged.  For instance, if you have acne, you will still need to use a product for that in order to reduce the amount of oil in your skin, but in the winter try and use one that is milder.  For aged or wrinkly skin, use a cream or lotion that contains lots of vitamin A.  For reddish skin, use a moisturizer that contains feverfew, which is a special herb that can reduce that red glow, or one that contains licochalcone, which helps to reduce coarseness.

The bottom line is that you absolutely need to look your best on your wedding day, and this principle applies to your skin as well as to some of the more obvious elements of beauty like your wedding dress or hairstyle.  If you take anything away from this post, it’s that you must make sure your skin is adequately moisturized for winter – whether you are getting married or not!  Just make sure that the moisturizing product you choose is a good match for the natural properties and characteristics of your skin.  Good luck and be beautiful!

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