3 Ways to Achieve a Beautiful Wedding Day Smile

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Wedding Day SmileFor any bride-to-be (as well as mother of the bride to be), looking perfect during the Big Day is paramount.  After all, the bride will be front and center during the wedding, and her beauty (or lack thereof) will be captured in hundreds of wedding photos for all future generations to see.  So it is obviously critical for any bride to look her absolute best.  Unfortunately, while most brides are aware of this as it relates to their wedding dress, hairstyle, skin and makeup, having beautiful teeth is often an afterthought.  This is a real shame.

Think about it this way – you’ll need to smile for the cameras.  Yes I suppose you can opt for a closed-mouth smile, but showing your teeth is a better approach if you want to highlight the true joy and emotion of the event.  So please do not forego this critical beauty element.  What follows are a few tips to make sure your teeth and smile look as good as possible all day long.

Tip 1: Consider Whitening or Bleaching

Obviously the most basic tip is to follow basic dental hygiene practices in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding.  I know, flossing is certainly no fun, but this is required if you want a healthy mouth and pretty wedding day smile.  If you are someone who already practices good dental hygiene, good job.  But if not, all hope is not lost.

One thing you can do is have your teeth whitened or bleached.  Whitening helps restore your smile’s natural whiteness, whereas bleaching can actually make your teeth look whiter and brighter than their natural color.  My recommendation here is to use an over-the-counter (OTC) remedy first (ala Crest Whitening Strips).  If the OTC product is not as effective as hoped, step #2 is to visit your dentist and have the process professionally done.  I recommend this sequence because an OTC product will obviously be cheaper, so why not try that method first?

Tip 2: Avoid Food and Drinks that Stain

Another tip is to avoid staining your teeth either before or during your wedding day.  Things like coffee, red wine and cigarettes can remove the luster from your teeth, so it’s best to avoid these things in the months leading up to the Big Day.  I realize this is easier said than done, but try and find replacements for these teeth-staining substances.  For example, try 5-Hour Energy instead of coffee, drink white wine, and try not to smoke as much.  Even a slight reduction in the frequency of using these substances will help enhance your wedding day smile, so do not think that you need to go “cold turkey” or nothing.

Tip 3: Consider an Advanced Treatment

Finally, if nothing else seems to work you can consider some more advanced options like bonding, veneers or Snap on Smile.  Bonding is a permanent treatment that involves the use of caps to cover up ugly teeth.  The process is similar to getting a crown, as each tooth must be ground down in order to fit into the cap.  But if you’ve ever gotten a crown, you know it’s not exactly a pleasant experience, and it will cost you hundreds of dollars since cosmetic dental procedures are rarely covered by insurance.

A better approach might be Snap on Smile, which is a fairly new process that is similar to the process of getting a mouth guard.  It involves getting a mold created for your mouth and teeth at the dentist’s office, which is used to create a custom-fitting mouth piece that fits over your existing teeth. 

This is generally preferred to bonding because it is painless and less expensive.  The resulting mouthpiece can be removed and will generally last up to 5 years.


Here’s the bottom line; do not forget about your smile when you’re planning a wedding!  Like your hair, makeup, outfit and skin, your teeth are yet another piece of the beauty puzzle that cannot be overlooked.  Simply follow the advice in this post and you will be well on your way to having the best wedding day smile possible.  Good luck!

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