4 Tips to Get Ready the Day of Your Wedding

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Bride StressThere is no doubt that planning a wedding is tricky, as the weeks and months leading up to the big day are usually filled with appointments, decisions and compromises.  But these annoyances are small peanuts compared to what most brides experience as they are getting ready the actual morning of their wedding day – pure and utter chaos!  As such, what follows are some small details that can truly make a huge difference in terms of reducing your stress level the morning of your wedding.

Plan It Out in Advance

First and foremost, you must have your morning plan fully hashed out in advance.  For example, you will need to plan the specifics of how, when and where to get your wedding makeup and hairstyle done.  You will also need to figure out when and where you will put on your wedding dress

And those are just the most obvious things that you as a bride-to-be must worry about; chances are, there will be many other small and/or last-minute details or issues that will need to be handled as well.  So, go in with a plan.

Make Sure Your “Getting Ready” Room is Adequate

It is important that whatever “getting ready” room you choose is spacious enough to accommodate the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist, etc.   So obviously the room must be relatively large.  It should also have plenty of windows, as natural light can make life easier for certain people like your makeup artist and photographer.

Allocate Enough Time to Get It All Done

Make sure you’ve allocated enough time to get everything done.  The bride will need 2-3 hours for makeup and hairstyling, and each bridesmaid will require roughly 30 minutes each.  So if you have one person doing the hair and makeup, and you have, say, 5 bridesmaids, give yourself about 6 hours (which also includes about an hour of buffer time to accommodate for the unforeseen).  To save time, have a separate makeup artist and hairstylist.  Also, make sure each bridesmaid has a specific time slot (i.e., bridesmaid A is first, bridesmaid B is second, etc.) so that everyone is organized and on the same page.

Coddle Your Dress

One oft-overlooked detail is the “care and feeding” of the wedding dress.  The most important detail here is to avoid leaving the dress in its bag right up until the moment you put in on.  Take the dress out of the bag first thing in the morning, and allow it to hang freely so that gravity can take care of any subtle wrinkles that might be present.  This is especially important if your dress features a train, as these look best when smooth and silky.  Also, pack yourself a bridal emergency kit the night before so you can solve any problems that might arise with your dress as you progress through the day.


As you can see, the morning of your wedding day is filled with lots of small details that most women do not think about until it’s too late.  Don’t make that same mistake – follow the guidelines in this post so you don’t find yourself completely stressed out due to impossible time constraints.  Good luck and of course, have fun…you only get one shot at this (well, hopefully at least…)!

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