10 Must-Have Wedding Planning Apps for the DIY Bride

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Wedding planning appsThere’s no doubt about it – these days, more and more couples are taking the proverbial bull by the horns and planning their own weddings.  This makes a lot of sense, as do-it-yourself weddings help save money, as well as allow you to completely personalize and “own” what might be the biggest day of your life.  Plus, it’s much easier to do your own wedding planning in this day and age because the Internet has all the information you could possibly need.  Additionally, there are now a plethora of wedding planning apps available that can really help streamline the process.

Speaking of apps, for today’s post I’ll be sharing an excellent “top-10” list of the best wedding planning apps out there.  The top-10 list covers just about everything you need to consider for your wedding – attire, makeup & hair, scheduling, music, and more.  The bottom line is that if you are a DIY and/or tech-savvy bride, you’re going to absolutely love this list!  I won’t give away the entire list here, but I will give you a few quick examples of what you’ll find to sort of whet your whistle.

One example in the beauty category is an app called Wedding Dress Look Book, which allows you to search thorough tons of photos of wedding dresses, each of which is linked to the stores that carry that particular dress.  I can’t imagine an easier way to buy your wedding dress online!  Another app called Carmindy allows you to experiment with different makeup techniques, colors, and combinations.  This wedding app will come in handy even if you plan on having your wedding makeup professionally done, as the app will help demonstrate to the makeup artist the exact look you’re going for.

In terms of planning assistance, my favorite app op the entire list is called – aptly enough – Projects.  This app allows you to prioritize and schedule all of your planning tasks out in advance.  These tasks can then be easily tracked, shared and printed.  Another planning-related wedding app that is fabulous is Make Your Wedding (Apple products only), which has dozens of how-to videos, tips, creative ideas and step-by-step instructions for all things wedding-related.

Some of the other wedding planning apps include: one which covers specific wedding music songs and suggestions; a video exercise app; a wedding updo app; and more.  For the complete top-10 list, along with hyperlinks to the actual download page of each app, check out this Huffingtonpost.com article.  

This is definitely the most comprehensive list of its kind I’ve seen yet, so I highly recommend giving it a quick read.  Enjoy, and of course…happy planning!

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